Mount Gill Track

Warraweena Conservation Park - Flinders Ranges

30th September, 2018

We went to Warraweena on the October long weekend in 2018. 

I took my Defender 110 and my Cousin Harry drove his Ford F250. Richard and Laura also came along as passengers. 

We stayed at the Warraweena Conservation Park where we were given the Miners Camp for our stay. This campsite was excellent. Also our host, Stony, was very welcoming and friendly.

I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a campground to explore the middle of the Flinders Ranges.

We had looked into driving the Mount Gill Track on the internet. Lots of articles reported that it is one of the hardest tracks to drive within the Flinders Ranges. There was some steep parts, some narrow parts, a few low parts and a few places where you had to watch your wheel placement but apart from that, it wasn’t too bad at all.

The views from the tops of the hills and mountains the track takes you are stunning. It give terrific views of the Flinders Ranges.  The many creek crossings are also great, they would so much better with some water in them.

This track is definitely worth the long drive down the very rough access road. I will certainly stay here again and possibly do the Cockatoo Dunbar track which s meant to be another good track.

Here is a video of part of the trip

Here are some photos taken on the trip

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