Headlight Upgrade

The headlight performance on a Defender is notoriously bad.

The previous owner had done the modification where you fit a relay between the headlight and a fused, direct feed from the battery. This improves the performance quite a bit but in my case the headlight performance was still pretty poor.

The light given off was still not very bright and have a yellow tinge to beam as can be seen below.

To try and get rid of the yellow glow, I decided to install something a little better than just a regular replacement H4 bulb (globe).

I decided to get a set of Phillips H4 12v 130/100W Racing Vision halogen bulbs. These have had very good reviews so I thought I would give them a try. 


The difference in changing bulbs was amazing, as you can see below.  The images on the left are the old standard bulbs, the ones on the right are the new Philips ones. 

The light from the new bulbs is much whiter and cleaner looking when compared to the old bulbs.  Also, the main beam is so much brighter than it was with the old bulbs. 

Old Bulbs
New Bulbs

Main Beam much cleaner looking white light.

Far brighter than standard.

As the bulbs produce a much brighter light, they are only guaranteed for six months. I will see how long they last but so far I am very happy with the results of this very easy modification has made.