WowWee Track

Merna Mora - Flinders Ranges

1st October, 2018

On the second day of our October long weekend trip, we decided to try a different track within the Flinders Ranges.

We drove around an hour from Warraweena back in the direction of Hawker until we came to Merna Mora Station.

This is another excellent place to camp.  I had done so some years earlier when I was a member of the local Land Rover Club. This is another good place for exciting tracks and good campsites.


We did the WowWee track as I got it mixed up with another one I drove here on my last visit. The track I had in mind was far easier than this one.

The WowWee track has some extreme steep ascents and some really, really scary descents. The views from the higher part of this track make all the scary parts well worth while. Spectacular views of the Flinders Ranges.

The track has some excellent dry creek crossings and plenty of obstacles to keep your mind from wandering. I would certainly recommend that you try this track although some experience is definitely required before you attempt it.


Here is a video of part of the trip

Here are some photos taken on the trip

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