Highways and Byways

Near Two Wells, South Australia

13th October, 2016

This trip was run in October 2016 by Dave Price from the Land Rover Register of South Australia.

We met up early on the Sunday morning at the oval at Two Wells. On this trip we drove the tracks in and around the Two Wells area. It was a very pleasant and relaxing day out.

This trip was run shortly after some very bad flooding. We stopped off at an old coach house that near a bridge over a river. Debris was clear to see around ten to fifteen foot over our heads in the trees over looking the bridge we were standing on.

Some of the tracks we went on were still fairly wet and slippy. We kept our speed down to minimise the damage to the tracks. It was still slippy enough in parts to have fun.  Overall it was a good day out and a good chance to catch up with some club members that I had not seen in a while.

Here is a video of part of the trip