South Australia

22nd June, 2019

Terowie was a place that I had heard of as being one of the better tracks that was fairly close to Adelaide.

I had always wanted to go to the property and drive its tracks. I had heard that the track was to close to the public in the not too distant future and so this was probably going to be my last chance to go there and experience the tracks for myself.

This trip was another day out with the 4×4 Adventurers from Adelaide. It was another really good day out with a really  friendly and helpful club.


The tracks on the property did not let me down. In parts they were very challenging and you had to rely heavily on spotters to guide you over the worst of the terrain. Even following the directions of a spotter I managed to badly bend my track rod which made for a very interesting drive home at the end of the day.  I had to winch this straight when I got home to allow me to drive to work before having a heavy duty replacement fitted together with a guard. I would be very surprised if the track rod gets bent again. This was the first time I have every caused damage to any of my cars whilst driving them off road.


Here is a video of part of the trip