Defender 110 - The X-Trouser Door Striker

One of the things I found about my Defender is when I jump in and out of it, my back belt loop used to catch on the door latch and generally rip the backside out of the trousers or jeans that I was wearing.  During the first eight month of owning the car, I must have went through three pair of work trousers and two pair of jeans.  It was costing a small fortune in clothing and was a little embarrassing.

I did a bit of googling and found out that it wasn’t just me.  It was quite a common problem and there was a fix for it. The problem is caused by the factory fitted door catch being very angular and having a lip that is just made to get a good hold on your belt loop.

There is a product called the X-Trouser that is a modified, more rounded door catch.

The X-Trouser is a direct replacement for the factory fitted door catch. It uses all the same mounting screws and brackets of the original door catch and is simple to fit.  To make it the fitting even easier, mark where the original door catch was on the door frame and fit the new catch in the same place.  Make sure the bracket the screws fit into doesn’t drop inside the door pillar and you are all set.

You can see just how much more rounded the upgraded door catch is in the photos below. The X-Trouser is on the right hand side.

Since fitting the new door catches, I have not damaged a single pair of trousers or jeans. For me at least, this has worked a treat and I would recommend these to anyone having the same problem that I used to have.

I got my X-Trouser from the Paddocks website. The product was supplied without any problems and I would use their site again. However, I have no connection to their site and I take no responsibility for their product supply or customer service. 

The X-Trouser can be seen and purchased from the Paddock’s site by clicking Here.